Update on Covid-19

We want to keep our guests informed of the changes that are happening in France due to Covid-19. Yesterday, French PM Philippe unveiled a plan to ease the lockdown in France.

The current lockdown will continue until May 11th. All shops and markets will be allowed to open after May 11th, but this does not include cafés and restaurants. There is also a plan to open the school system gradually from May 11th.

The PM also added that the lockdown will not be lifted if they see a spike in new cases before May 11th, and they will monitor the infection rates after May 11th to ensure there isn’t a spike in infections. They have set a target of 700,000 tests per week starting from May 11th to ensure they can control the spread of Covid. They will be monitoring the progress from May 11 through June 2nd to decide future restrictions.

We will be posting more regular updates on our social media accounts as information becomes available.

‘We have to live with the virus,’ says France’s PM detailing plan to ease lockdown http://f24.my/6QZ6.T via @FRANCE24

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